We provide highest quality

Towing Services

We provide highest quality

Towing services

Towing Services Plainfield, New Jersey

When most drivers leave the house, they likely don’t think about anything but their errands. Unfortunately, once they encounter vehicle problems, they need Towing Services in Plainfield, New Jersey.

Once you pull over on the I287, you don’t have time to price shop for tow company providers. Instead, you need a reliable tow service you can depend on for affordable pricing and:

Convenient Local Technicians

Professional Tools and Equipment

Direct Communication

Broader Service Area

Affordable Rates

Faster Arrival Times

Licensed and Insured Technicians

Quality Tow Service Experience

Roadside Assistance Options

Safe Tow Truck Drivers

Motorcycle Towing

And more reasons to hire us

At Tow Truck Plainfield, we offer the best tow service throughout Plainfield, NJ. When you need more than a cheap tow truck, we solve more problems every day.

Whether you have a flat tire, dead battery, or otherwise find yourself stuck, choose us. We provide the best in 24-hr towing to keep you safer for less each time.

Tow Truck Services in Plainfield, NJ

While every provider claims to be the top towing company around, how can you know? When they don’t provide winching services or don’t change flat tires, you always spend more.

Instead, you can rely on our drivers for any services whenever you have vehicle problems. From smaller vehicles to medium-duty towing, we offer it all for less.

No matter where you are broken down, or what your car needs, hire our team. We continue to provide the best in complete vehicle hauling solutions at affordable pricing, including:

24-Hour Towing Service

Emergency Towing

24-7 Roadside Assistance Service

Long Distance Towing

Small/Medium Towing

Flatbed Towing

Battery Jump Starting

Tire Change

Gas Delivery

Vehicle Unlocking

And more services for “towing near me”

Whatever the reason for your call, we continue to save you more time and money. Contact us 24-hours of every day for your best selection of towing services and pricing.

24-Hour Towing Services

Problems can happen to your car at any time, making 24-hr tow services a necessity. No matter when you need our team’s help, we’ll be there soon to assist.

From minor car troubles to severe vehicle problems, we solve your needs at lower costs. When you deserve the best in local 24-hour towing, you can always rely on us.

Emergency Towing Services Near Me

When you can’t move your car enough to stop blocking traffic, you need us. We provide 24-hour emergency towing services as well to solve any needs you have, including:

Over-Reactive Steering

Intersection Accidents

Stuck Throttle

Rear-Tire Slides

Struck Deer/Wildlife

Wheel Blowouts

Uncontrollable Acceleration

Totaled Vehicles

Car Collisions

Running Off-Road

Hydroplaning/Black Ice

Hit and Run Collisions

And more vehicle emergencies

Our expert towers know how to keep you and others safer following an unexpected collision. When you need comprehensive towing solutions at affordable rates, you need our team for help.

Premiere Roadside Assistance Service

As your top roadside assistance provider, Tow Truck Plainfield saves you more on vehicle services. From keys locked inside to dead batteries in your ride, we can solve any needs.
Many towing companies can’t offer any services above hauling away your car to a mechanic. Instead, we do whatever it takes to give you the best onsite solutions for less.

Long Distance Towing Services

When other companies only offer to take your car for a few miles, we go further. You can count on our drivers to transport your vehicles anywhere that you need them.
Before you hire an expensive car delivery service, we offer affordable rates by the mile. No matter how far we need to go, we can take your vehicle there faster.

Light-Duty Towing Services

A light-duty tow is ideal for motorcycles and smaller cars, but not everyone can provide this service. When other providers can’t take on your job, we remain available all day for your:


Crossover Utility Vehicles (CUVs)


Micro Cars

Light Pickup Trucks

Fleet Cars

Electric Vehicles

Hybrid Vehicles

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs)


Light Commercial Trucks

4x4 Trucks

And other light-duty vehicles

You can try and convince other drivers to strap your ride to their service vehicle. Unfortunately, when it goes sliding off at a steep turn, you’ll wish you hired us.

Medium-Duty Towing Services

The majority of consumer vehicles require a medium-duty towing service for safe and reliable transportation. When you need a dependable choice for your towing truck and operator, you need us.
We provide affordable and reliable medium-duty towing services for most passenger cars and pickup trucks. Whatever type of ride that you drive, we can assist you with towing services for:

Full-Size Pickup Trucks

Step Van

Commercial Fleet Vehicles

Station Wagons

Box Trucks

Passenger Vans

Luxury Vehicles

Hatchbacks and Four-Doors

Delivery Vehicles

Heavy-Duty Pickup Trucks

Sports Cars

And more medium-duty towing services

Flatbed Towing Services

A flatbed is more than how you get a good night’s sleep every evening. More towing professionals agree that a flatbed system is ideal for more types of cars.
Also, flatbed systems give you added safety and security for more types of passenger vehicles. Once our expert technician has your car loaded, it won’t go anywhere while in traffic.

Battery Jump Starting

You can’t go anywhere when you have a battery that doesn’t retain its charge. Before you flag a stranger down for a boost, you can count on our professionals.
When you attempt to jumpstart a car without experience, you could fry the whole computer system. Before you turn your car into a doorstop, allow us to assist you the best.

Tire Change

You don’t realize how long it’s been since you’ve changed a tire until it’s needed. When you can’t remember how to work a jack, we make the process simple again.
Our drivers act as your onsite pit crew to swap out flat or damaged tires. Don’t allow yourself to get frustrated with tire changing needs, and let us help with:

Heal and Toe Wear

Slashed Wheels

Missing/Stolen Wheels

Brake Damage

Bead Damage

Irregular Tire Wear

Pothole Damage

Severe Tire Damage

Broken Axle

And more tire changing needs

Punctured Tires

Impact Damage

Tire Blowouts

Winch-Out Service

Gas Delivery

No one likes running out of fuel, but some days, you can’t seem to stop. When you need fast and affordable gas delivery, you can rely on us each time.
If you miss your exit, and now you’re on the shoulder, give us a call. We can prevent another sweaty hike to the nearest fuel station with our delivery services.

Vehicle Unlocking

You pat every pocket of your outfit, only to find your keys still hanging inside. Before you hire an expensive car locksmith, we save you time and money every day.
It could take other service providers hours to arrive to perform a 30-second pop on locks. Instead, you can count on us for quick and more affordable vehicle unlocking with us.

The Best Plainfield, NJ, Tow Trucks Near Me

When you search for a “tow truck near me,” you don’t always know where you are. If you find yourself stranded on I78, Rt 22, and beyond, you need reliable contractors.
No matter where you have broken down, you can count on our team for faster towing services. We continue to serve the surrounding communities with trustworthy drivers available for more area residents.
Anywhere you have trouble in the greater Plainfield, NJ, community, call our team. We deliver the best in 24-hour solutions at affordable pricing throughout the nearby areas of:

South Plainfield

Berkeley Heights



North Plainfield

Scotch Plains






And the immediate Union, Middlesex, and Morris counties

Whatever you and your car need to get home safely, our drivers are always prepared. Contact our best technicians day or night, and receive the best in affordable towing services.

Why Hire Us for Towing Services in Plainfield, NJ?

Hiring a trade service can quickly become frustrating when you don’t know what services they provide. When you expect a quick and easy tow, you can feel blindsided by other issues.
You may find they don’t use a flatbed, and they can’t move your specific vehicle. In the end, you call several other companies, taking even longer to get home safely.
Instead, we provide a full range of reliable towing services that assist more car types. From soccer mom vans to contractor-grade pickup trucks, we can transport any wheels anytime for:

Overheated Engines

Fender Bender

Vehicle Recovery

Damaged Onboard Electronics

Blown Radiators

Traffic Collisions

Lost Keys

Exhaust System Issues

Leaking Fuel Pump

Tire Damage

Impound Towing

Brake Problems

And more car troubles

We also go the extra distance to offer transportation to anywhere in the contiguous USA. When your wallet and your car deserves the best in local towing, you need us.

The Best Tow Company Near Me in Plainfield, NJ

You can’t afford to hire the wrong towing service provider, especially after midnight. Otherwise, you spend more on contractor fees, or you wait longer for help to arrive.

When you need a towing service that you can trust, hire Tow Truck Plainfield.

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