Trading your junk car for a top dollar sounds awesome, right? Our team can make that a reality! We pay cash for junk cars or you can hire our towing services to help with junk car removal. If you’re think letting go of your old, damaged vehicle is the route to go, we have a set of tips before selling your junk car.

Why selling your junk car is a good decision

It makes sense for car owners to get the most out of their investment, which is why it is hard to sell a car even if it has been serving you for over a decade and is just about dead. But when it comes to selling a junk car, you should not have to think twice.

If the vehicle has stopped functioning and is not worth the cost of repair, instead of leaving it to rust, just sell it for cash. Remember that you do not have to hold on to a car that you do not want or need anymore. Sell junk cars and benefit from them!

  • You will be paid. Who does not want to earn a couple of hundred dollars from something that you do not really need or have no value to you any longer? 
  • Help make the planet better. In case you didn’t know, even damaged and old cars can be reused and recycled. Vehicles have rubber, steel, and plastic components that are transformed into new, functional things.
  • Get unsafe vehicles out of the road. Driving outdated, damaged cars or junk automobiles that did not pass the inspection is dangerous. Everyone will benefit if you choose to sell your junk car and not drive it on the road anymore.


It is smart to let go of old, damaged vehicles. Read on to acquire the insights and tips we compiled.

What to do before putting junk cars for sale

  • Tip #1: Gather your belongings


Truth be told, we leave a lot of our things in the car. Whether we let them sit there on purpose or simply because we have forgotten about them, the initial step when selling a junk car is removing any personal belongings. Check all the storage spaces, trunks, compartments, under seats, and door pockets for any leftover items. Make sure that nothing is left behind.

  • Tip #2: Cancel your insurance


There is no point in continuing to pay for car insurance for a junk car you do not want to keep. If you have a new vehicle, that is what you should purchase car insurance for. Most states implement penalties for driving without insurance, so make sure your new car has insurance.


  • Tip #3: Empty the gas tank before selling


Junk car buyers such as scrap yards usually prefer buying junk cars that do not have any fluid in them. Old fluid such as gas left in the automobile is hazardous and makes it even harder for scrap yards to recycle parts.


  • Tip #4: Inspect the car


Another crucial step before selling a junk car is conducting an inspection. Before listing your junk vehicle for sale or before taking it to a dealership, check for pest infestation. A junk car that is left alone for a long time is a hot spot for rodents, critters, and mosquitoes.

Once pests infest your junk car, they can reproduce rapidly and cause health hazards to you and the potential junk car buyer. Remember that junk vehicles create an attractive shelter for these pests, so you should ensure you do not have to worry about pest infestation anytime during and after the sale.

  • Tip #5: Check if the junk car has leaks


It is also important to know that even junk cars can leak poisonous chemicals. Aside from pests making it their breeding ground, the junk car could be leaking engine oil, coolant, gas, or any fluid that will be a big headache during the sales process.


  • Tip #6: Keep the vehicle’s plate


Aside from the fact that scrap yards have no use for the car’s plate, many states require car owners to detach the plates from the vehicle before putting it for sale.

  • Tip #7: Sort out the paperwork


Selling outdated cars is not as easy as looking for the best deal, getting paid, and handing the keys. Even before you begin the process of selling your junk car, you have to learn and sort out the important paperwork that will help you have a successful sale. 

The paperwork should be in order no matter what the end game is for your junk car. The vehicle may be destined to be crushed for its metal or have its parts taken out, still, most junk car buyers want some proof that you actually own the junk vehicle. 

So what paperwork do you need to prepare?

  • Title for the junk car
  • Bill of sale or contract between junk car seller and a junk car buyer
  • Vehicle transfer and reassignment form
  • Vehicle emission system statement or smog certification if applicable
  • Notice of release of liability
  • Tip #8: Decide how you want to sell


There are numerous ways to sell a junk car. When you finally decide to make cash from your junk car, you need to decide how you want to get rid of it. So, what are your options?

  • Sell to a car dealership
  • Put up a “Junk car for sale” sign on your lawn
  • Post your junk car on social platforms or online marketplaces
  • Use a third-party service


  • Tip #9: Create an attention-grabbing Ad


If you choose to sell privately, you must have an advertisement that will make potential junk car buyers stop and inquire. So, whether the advertisement is for online or offline use, you should be able to write a compelling description of the junk car and your contact information. It is critical that you provide honest details in your advertisement.

We buy junk cars

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