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Dead Battery Jumpstart Services

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Automotive batteries are rechargeable batteries that supply electricity to motor vehicles. One primary purpose of car batteries is to feed the starter which allows the engine to  start. While the engine is running, the battery continues to supply the electrical systems. This is possible through alternator charging while demanding decreases and increases.

When it comes to powering up all electrical components of vehicles, car batteries provide a jolt of electricity. Cars won’t start without batteries and they play a significant role in running a car. However, there are instances wherein car batteries tend to discharge and lose control. Jumpstarting is a way to recover discharged car batteries. This works by starting the internal-combustion engine with the use of booster cables.

One of the most unfortunate car troubles you can encounter is a dead vehicle battery. Calling for jumpstarting service is better than hitchhiking to a store near you. Tow Truck Plainfield has onsite charging solutions that are reliable and provides a safer resolution to car battery problems. Calling a reputable company is better than relying on strangers with jumper cables to jumpstart your car battery. 

Dangerous situations that can occur during jumpstarting of automotive batteries:

Destroyed Electrical System

The electrical system of cars consists of an alternator, battery, and starter. If one of these components doesn’t work well, your car won’t start correctly. Meaning that in order to run a vehicle, all parts of the electrical system must be in good condition. If one component don’t work correctly, it may cause trouble in the process of jumpstarting too.


Destroyed Cables

Battery cables are composed of gauge wire that is used for heavy-duty insulation due to a high load of power and current. These cables are vital parts of the electrical system. They connect the battery directly to the electronic system of vehicles. Failure of battery cables will cause all sorts of problems.


Vehicle Fire

Motor vehicles are flammable, containing liquids prone to creating fire including gasoline and oil. When leakage of fuel takes place, ignition might occur. There must be precautions when dealing with flammable car parts to avoid the occurrence of a vehicle fire. No one wants to encounter a fire while giving it a boost.


Damaged Alternator

The car’s alternator is the source of an endless supply of electricity. It takes various needs before an engine starts. An alternator is responsible for charging batteries while the vehicle is running and turns mechanical energy into the current. Damage to the alternator could have a massive effect on the process of boosting a car battery. Better yet, look after your car’s alternator to avoid inconvenience.


Car batteries are vital to vehicles. They are the heart of automobiles and cars. Without the presence of batteries, the car’s engine will not run. If you experience hazardous automotive battery problems, Tow Truck Plainfield’s Jumpstarting Services can help you. Dial (908) 760 – 0620 now and experience the jumpstart service your car batteries deserve.


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Despite not remembering which cable goes where, you still attempt to hook them to the batteries. For all that work, all you see in the end are two cars on fire.

It looks easy on TV and many drivers believe they can handle it correctly. Unfortunately, they soon are proven wrong when batteries react to reversed terminals and hot acid.

Rather than getting a boost the wrong way, call us now. Tow Truck Plainfield helps more Plainfield, NJ, area drivers every day.