Watch Out For These Red Flags When Choosing A Junk Car Buyer

If multiple junk car buyers are interested in purchasing your junk vehicle, your hopes for having a successful sale are probably high. You are finally jumping on the ‘cash for junk cars’ wagon and now getting rid of the car you no longer want or need. Unfortunately, the whole process is not going to be easy.

As a junk car seller, you should sift through all the offers you have received. Don’t know what to consider or how to begin? Worry no more, simply watch out for these red flags when choosing a junk car buyer and your journey is going to be less stressful.

Taking photographs of your junk vehicle with the house

One of the first red flags you should watch out for is when the potential junk buyer is taking pictures not just of the junk car but also your house. This suspicious activity is often done by people who pose as a buyer but use the photographs to scam other people online or on buying and selling sites such as craigslist.

Not examining the junk car

Another sign that the junk car buyer may not be interested in purchasing your junk car for sale is not examining the vehicle. It is common for junk car buyers to inspect the vehicle to see what can be salvaged. They would want to know if the car is working or not.

Making unreasonable offers and demands

When it comes to junk car selling, there are two outcomes that could happen:

  • Negotiate and finish with an agreement
  • You accept an unfavorable offer

Between the two results, the former is the more desirable. However, the negotiation process can be a tough one. If you are not aware of the best deals and how to control the situation to prevent negotiation from breaking down and turning into an argument, you might end up agreeing to a less desirable outcome.

You really have to analyze the buyer’s offer and demands before accepting the terms. Sometimes it is better to have a professional deal with the buyers to avoid having to go through unreasonable demands and behavior. 

The junk car buyer does not want to have a face to face interaction

This is another red flag that is commonly done by bogus buyers. Remember that some people are in fact deceitful. Some will try to make themselves seem like an honest buyers, but they are actually not really interested in buying a junk car and will only dance around to get your personal information.

Here is why face to face interaction between the junk seller and junk buyer still matters:

  • It creates business trust
  • You have the opportunity to ask relevant questions
  • You have time to negotiate
  • You can discuss an approach or agreement tailored to specific circumstances and other practical factors

If face-to-face is not an option during the selling process, it is highly likely for issues to arise later on. The junk car buyer might have issues with the junk car and have unreasonable demands on the junk car seller. Certainly, it is smarter to have an in-person negotiation to avoid buyer complaints and dissatisfaction.

Asking to meet at a far, nonpublic place

If you are new to junk car selling or selling in general, one of the safety tips you probably have heard by now is to meet at a public place, or if you have to meet in your home, bring a friend.

Meeting in a public place is a no-brainer. For both parties to feel comfortable, meet in a place where there are other people and security cameras like coffee shops.

More often than not, potential junk car buyers will have to meet you in your home. But, before you give them your address, it is always a good idea to talk with them over the phone and do a little digging about who they are and what they do for a living. Also, bring friends with you. The more people the better.

The junk buyer is diverting your attention

Trying to divert your attention to something irrelevant is another red flag to watch out for. As a junk car seller, you should have your attention focused on the buyer and the junk car. Buyers who are constantly attempting to divert their focus on other things could just be looking for the perfect time to perform their ill intentions. 

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